Bert Hinkler: the most daring man in the world

Grantlee Kieza

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Once upon a time he was just Bert from Bundaberg. But when he discovered the thrill of early aviation, everything changed. When he flew solo around the world with just a compass, a torch and the page of an atlas to guide him, when his exploits made him the darling of crowds from America to Europe to Australia, when he completed daring missions as a fighter pilot in World War I, and when he became Mussolini’s favourite aviator, that’s when Australian Bert Hinkler was dubbed ‘the most daring man in the world’.

Here for the first time is the full-blooded biography he deserves, a book which uncovers the complex character behind the public idol. A man whose life was filled with secrets, including two wives on two continents at the same time, Berk Hinkler lived a life of soaring highs and turbulent lows, a restless, adventure-filled existence as one of the Lords of Distance in the golden age of flight.